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Elcometer 480 Single, Dual & Triple Angle Glossmeters

The Elcometer 480 range are easy to use glossmeters which combine high accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility with functionality making them the most advanced glossmeters on the market today.

  • Small, robust & ergonomic
  • 3 - 10 readings per second
  • Repeatable, reproducible & accurate
  • Multiple angles; 20°, 60°, 85°
  • 40,000 reading memory in up to 2,500 batches
  • Date and time stamped readings
  • USB & Bluetooth® data output
  • PC, iPhone or Android™ compatible
  • Automatic gauge & tile diagnostics
  • Auto calibration tile recognition via RFID (Radio Frequency Identification; patent applied for)
  • 40 user definable limit standards
  • Standard, auto repeat and scan modes
  • Differential mode with pass/fail
  • Display readings, statistics, graphs & batch review                                 
Please visit the Elcometer 480 dedicatedwebsite at www.elcometer480.com 


Small, robust and ergonomic, the Elcometer 480 range of glossmeters have been designed to exceed the demands of industry today.

Combining easy to use, multi-lingual menu structures with exceptional repeatability, reproducibility & accuracy, the Elcometer 480 provides users with best in class hand held gloss measurement.

Using state of the art design and manufacturing techniques provides world leading features and functionality - reliably measuring & recording Gloss, % Reflectance & Haze on any material, including paint, plastic, ceramic or metal.

The Elcometer 480's rapid LED technology accurately measures up to 3 angles at the same time at a rate of 10 readings per second.

Measurements can be instantly transferred to PC, iPhone, Android™ or other mobile devices via USB or Bluetooth®.

Using the ElcoMaster® software, professional reports for gloss and other appearance measurements can be quickly generated. Alternatively gloss readings can be combined with other key measurement parameters such as coating thickness, adhesion and oven temperature profile - within the same software package.


The Model Range   

The Elcometer 480 is available as either a simple entry level 60° glossmeter or state of the art Single, Dual or Triple angle variants.

Single, Dual & Triple Angle Glossmeters

The Elcometer 480 is available with (Model T) or without (Model B) memory.

The Elcometer 480 Model B is a 60° unit, Model T gauges are available as single, dual or triple angle variants with %Reflectance and Haze.

Accuracy & Repeatability   
Advanced electronics and a superior optical design combines highly accurate, repeatable and reproducible measurements with industry leading inter-instrument agreement - across its entire 0-2,000GU range.   


0-10GU 10-100GU 100-2000GU









Calibration and Diagnostics   
Elcometer 480 Gloss Tile Every Elcometer 480 Gloss Tile is fitted with an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag which allows automatic identification of the tile's serial number and calibration data when the tile is attached to the base of the gauge.  
Additional calibration tiles are available from the range of Elcometer 480 accessories. Click on the Accessories tab to find out more.     
Low Gloss Tile Mid Gloss Tile High Gloss Tile Mirror Gloss Tile
 Low Gloss Tile (22GU at 60°) Mid Gloss Tile (55GU at 60°)  High Gloss Tile (97GU at 60°) Mirror Gloss Tile (1900GU at 20°)  
Measurement Speed   
The Elcometer 480's rapid LED technology accurately and repeatably measures up to 3 angles at the same time.    
Standard Mode 1+ reading per second, (70+ readings per minute); < 0.3 seconds per angle  

Auto Repeat Mode

3 readings per second, (180 readings per minute); ~ 0.1 seconds per angle

Scan Mode

10 readings per second, (600 readings per minute); ~ 0.03 seconds per angle

Display Modes

Fully customisable, scratch and solvent resistant colour LCD allows the user to display:

  • Gloss, % Reflectance or Haze readings
  • Statistics
  • Readings and Differential with pass/fail
  • Trend Graph
  • Analogue Scan Bar


Triple angle gloss measurements Gloss, Haze & %Reflectance Gloss Units (GU)  
Triple angle readings  Gloss, Haze & %Reflectance Readings & user selectable statistics  
Gloss measurements Gloss measurement chart Gloss measurement scan bar  
Readings & differential with pass/ fail  Run chart & statistics

Readings & differential with analoguescan bar


Standard, Auto Repeat & Scan Modes   
No two inspections are the same. It is for this reason that the Elcometer 480 is equipped with three measurement modes:   
Single Angle Gloss Meter Standard Mode: Press the measure button to take an individual spot measurement.  
Dual Angle Gloss Meter Auto Repeat Mode: When the glossmeter is slid over the surface a measurement of all three angles is automatically taken at a user definable rate between 10 - 180 readings per minute. When enabled all the individual readings are stored into memory.  
Triple Angle Gloss Meter Scan Mode: As the glossmeter slides over the entire surface area the gauge measures all three angles at a continuous rate of 10 readings per second. When stopped, the gauge displays and stores the average, highest and lowest values - ideal for checking a sample's overall uniformity.  
Memory and Batching
Store 40,000 date and timed stamped readings in up to 2,500 user definable alpha-numeric batches.
Glossmeters for mobile devices Readings can be transferred to PC, iPhone, Android™ or other mobile devices via USB or Bluetooth® for instant reporting using ElcoMaster® software.  
Limit Standards and Differential Mode with Pass/Fail   
Up to 40 Limits for each customer's Master Standards can be stored within, and recalled from, the gauge's 'Limit Standard' memory.   
Gloss Limit Standards When Limit Standards are used in combination with the gauge's Differential Mode, the Elcometer 480 displays the measurement value together with the difference from the nominal (target) value.

Readings outside the Limit Standard are displayed in red, providing quick Pass/Fail analysis.

Create instant reports with ElcoMaster®   
What you do with the collected data is just as important as taking the readings themselves.
Gloss Units to ElcoMaster® Data transferred to ElcoMaster® includes;
  • 20° 60° & 85° Gloss Units (GU)
  • Haze Unit (HU)
  • % Reflectance (%)
  • Date & time for each reading
  • Limit Standard values
  • Batch information & statistics
  • Calibration information including date/time, serial number & tile values
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